Sir William Henry Wills  
The Times
Saturday, Febuary 25, 1911



   Probate has now been granted of the will (of which particulars were published in The Times of February 18) of the Right Hon. William Henry, first Baron Winterstoke of Blagdon, one of the founders of the famous tobacco firm of W. D. and H. O. Wills, chairman of the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain and Ireland) (Limited), who died on January 29 last, aged 80 years, leaving estate provisionally valued for probate at £1,000,000.   He bequethed £4,000 to Ernest Henry Mayo Gunn, a manager in the employ of the Imperial Tobacco Company (Limited); £4,000 to Henry Wells Gunn, secretary of that company; £1,000 to Alfred Joseph Alexander, general manager of the Bristol Waterworks; £500 each to his bailiff, George Edwards, and his head gardener, Henry Seaman; and £400 each to his head coachman, Henry Down, and William E. Long,captain of his yacht Sabrina. These bequests to servants are conditional upon their being still in his employ.
  He also left £7,000 each to Arthur John Grahame Stancomb and Frederick William Stancomb; £5,000 to Violet, wife of Colonel Hubert Burton, R.A.; £2,000 to his godson, Captain Henry Donald Neil Maclean, D.S.O., of the King's Own Scottish Borderers; £1,000 to Ronald Gunn; a life annuity of £50 each to Mary Stancomb Mann and Emily Fanny Elizabeth Mann, of Trowbridge, and on the decease of one of them a further annuity of £50 to the survivor; a life annuity of £50 to Sarah Wilkins, of Westcroft, Trowbridge; and he left to Miss Janet Stancomb Grahame Stancomb Wills his diamonds, plate and pictures, as regards the last named expressing the hope, but not creating any trust in that respect, that she will at her decease leave by will 24 of these pictures to the Mayor and Corporation of Bristol for the Art Gallery which he had erected there.